Frome Vale Academy is situated in nine acres of beautiful grounds in Downend, Bristol, and is part of the Cabot Learning Federation.

The school’s aim is to develop ‘Frome Vale Citizens’ by encouraging young minds to build resilience and to be tolerant citizens of the future.  We do this by:

  • Developing a clear understanding of pupil’s place in a multicultural and diverse world, respecting differences and similarities.
  • developing environmentally conscious citizens.
  • developing an understadning of personal well-being, healthy living, personal safety and safe relationships.
  • developing critical thinkers, who are able to articulate their ideas in a confident manner.
  • developing a sense of responsibility.
  • Developing curriculum specific skills to enable children to understand what it means to be a mathematician, writer, geographer etc.

We provide a calm, purposeful and safe school and welcome parents, the community and other organisations to join us in giving the best education possible.

Curriculum aim:

Enabling children to understand their place in the world, which they exploit because of a developed sense of self and agency that is built on an ability to seek meaning and make connections based on evolving understanding secured through a foundation of knowledge and skills