Our Smart School Council

Since September, we have started a new School Council.  This is being run in a different way to give more children a voice, an opportunity to contribute, and to play a part in decision making.

What are our aims?

We want to help our children develop into active, democratic citizens.

We believe that when children develop a wide set of skills for learning and life this will support their academic achievement, and enable them to thrive. The Smart School Councils model is a good way to support this development; it opens out involvement to all students in the school and provides a clear structure for skills development and participation.

Through their participation, we hope the children of Frome Vale Academy:

* develop oracy confidence, self-esteem

* develop their negotiation and compromise skills.

* develop political literacy and increase their democratic engagement.

* become better leaders.

* are better prepared for life and work after school.


How does the Smart School Council work?

The Smart School Council has three important elements and these are the Communication Team, Action Teams and Class Meetings.



What is the Communication Team?

The job of the Communication Team is to let everyone know what issues and questions we are working one. The team communicate with the Action Teams and make sure that class meetings happen regularly and that all children have a chance to contribute.  Children applied to become members of the communication team and each child has a specific job.  Children can bring their ideas and suggestions to the team through class meetings or the suggestion box.


Team Member Responsibility
Ashpreet Keeps the Principal and Academy Council updated 
Sydney and Riley  Organises class meeting dates and collect information from classes
Freya and Jahmelia Run a Smart School Surgery every Thursday lunchtime
Sara, Mia and Sumaya Keep notice board updated, e.g. posters etc.
Daisimae Newsletter writer
George, Sam and Charlie Check the suggestion box

What are class meetings?

Class Meetings are set up by the Communication Team when we need to discuss an issue or improvement that we want to address.   These meetings are an opportunity for all children to talk in their classes and share their thoughts and ideas.  Votes are taken to decide what the class wants to take forward.  The result of each classes meeting is collected by the Communication Team and shared with the whole school during assembly.

What are action teams?

After the Class Meetings, the Communication Team meet to discuss the ideas in the meeting and to decide on the next actions. Children are invited to be a member of the action team and to play a part in ensuring the action happens.  Information is left on the display board to keep everyone involved.

Please take a look at the powerpoints and letters to the rest of the school and Academy Council explaining what we are doing.