Ofsted March 2018

We embraced and welcomed the opportunity to work with Ofsted in March 2018, recognising the value in their inspection, which has already impacted on our actions to improve the school, something we continually strive to do.

The inspection recognised the strengths of the school, acknowledging that Behaviour, Safeguarding and Personal, Social and Emotional Development is good. Some of the comments made here were:

Behaviour of pupils is good. Pupils are polite, well-mannered and respectful’

‘Pupils have a good understanding of the differences between right and wrong. This is because staff have consistently high expectations of pupil’s behaviour’

‘We are confident our children are safe; site security is good and the school has a warm and welcoming approach’

‘Relationships between staff and pupils are strong’

They also acknowledge the year on year improvement in outcomes in phonics and Key Stage 1 results, stating:

‘In 2017, 96% of year 1 pupils achieved the expected outcome which is well above the national average’

In 2017, published Key Stage 1 outcomes show pupils achieving above the national average for reading, writing and maths’


(Please see the table below for outcomes since becoming an academy in 2012)

As you will be aware, the results at Key Stage 2 in the last 2 years have been disappointing since the change in the curriculum. As single form entry school, our results are hugely impacted by small numbers of children not achieving age related expectations, even by one mark, which is what happened in 2017. However, in July 2018, we achieved the best Key Stage 2 results since the change in the National Curriculum. (please see below), which are above national for children achieving age related expectations for combined reading, writing and maths.

As a result of these outcomes, Ofsted graded outcomes and teaching and learning as requires improvement, despite the year on year improvements in early years, phonics and Key Stage 1. As a school, we already knew that improvement needed to be made here. Since September, we have implemented a tool called Pixl, which further enables us to analyse children’s gaps in skills and knowledge to produce personalised checklists to provide precise teaching in these areas. We intend to use this across Key Stage 2.

Ofsted did recognise that ‘The school’s curriculum is exciting’ and ‘Pupils enjoy their learning’

2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
GLD- early years outcomes 35.2% 43.3%




54% 65% 68% 60%
Phonics 57% 86%




80% 91% 96% 95%
KS1 Level 2+ (year 2)


From 2016 new age related expectations

Reading 83%

Writing 78%

Maths 86%


Reading 63%

Writing 58%

Maths 84%




Reading 89%

Writing 92%

Maths 95%


Reading 68%

Writing 71%

Maths  65%




Reading 84%

Writing 80%

Maths 81%



Writing 83%

Maths 86%

KS2 level 4 +

(year 6)


From 2016 new age related expectations

Reading 64%

Writing 45%

Maths 45%

SPAG 45%

Combined 22%

(floor target 65%)

Reading 84%

Writing 76%

Maths 84%

SPAG 60%

Combined 68%

(Floor target 65%)

Reading 79%

Writing 79%

Maths 79%

SPAG 79%

Combined 74%

(Floor target 65%)


Reading 40%

Writing 68%

Maths 64%

Combined 36%






Reading 50%

Writing 71%

Maths 54%

Combined 29%




Reading 79%

Writing 79%

Maths: 74%



(National 64%)

Although there are improvements to be made, Ofsted acknowledged that the ‘fervent drive’ of the Principal and Vice Principal would enable this to happen.

Since Ofsted visited, these are some of the immediate steps that have been taken;

  • Secured the Vice Principal role – Mrs Dawson is now the permanent VP
  • Secured new literacy and numeracy leads – Miss Cerepanova is leading literacy and Mr Youngs numeracy
  • Introduction of simplified targets cards across the school
  • Revisited our marking policy
  • Successfully secured money to significantly improve the Early Years’ outdoor provision