Our Curriculum

At Frome Vale we believe that providing children with a broad and rich curriculum is an essential part of their school life. We understand that excellent teaching can lead to learning that is enjoyable and will develop a child’s life-long love of learning. The planning of our curriculum is carefully considered so that it is engaging, challenging and has high expectations of what our children can achieve.

Early Years

Our early year’s curriculum gives the children an exciting and interactive start to their school life. We follow the children’s interests through our child centred approach to learning, following the principles of good early year’s education. We make use of our extensive outdoor space, whatever the weather, where children learn through experiencing things. Children make rapid progress and are confident independent learners by the end of the early years phase



At Frome Vale we have embraced the new mathematics curriculum, which places mastery at the core of it. Being part of the CLF, who were successful in being one of the 32 national maths hubs, we are working together to develop a curriculum that recognises the importance of being able to reason mathematically, solve problems and be fluent in the key areas of mathematics. To support this we believe the use of models and manipulatives are of great value so that children make connections across the subject. The assessment of mathematics is carried out regularly, through classroom questioning and observation and, more formally in tests three times a year.



At Frome Vale we recognise that literacy is something that underpins all curriculum areas. Our ability to read, write and talk well is at the centre of how we develop as individuals. It helps us to think, problem solve and communicate. Our curriculum provides opportunities for children to experience activities which will nurture their skills and knowledge in literacy and language. At Frome Vale we use The Power of Reading to engage children in high quality books and through creative teaching approaches. This recognises that children get ready for writing by having opportunities to talk about texts through drama, discussion or other oral activities before writing.



Geography, History, RE, Citizenship, PSHE, Art and DT

The above subjects are delivered through our Lines of Enquiry with a specific question to answer. Such examples of questions are ‘What is Respect?’ which was explored by the whole school and covered objectives from citizenship ‘Where in the world is Pirate Blackbeard? investigated by year 2, which looked at objectives from geography, and ‘Why should we remember 100 years on?’ which Year 6 explored looking at historical objectives. Within the Line of Enquiry, the children start the work with a ‘Wow’, which engages them the topic and finish with a ‘challenge’ which demonstrates the child’s learning.



Frome Vale Academy is using Switched on Computing to deliver computing skills. This helps us to deliver the skills such as programming and computational thinking. Take a look at the link to see all the units covered. Switched on Computing.




Our PE lessons are delivered in alliance with Fit for Sport. This enables us to deliver a high quality fully inclusive curriculum that helps the children to develop the skills in the following areas:

  • Gymnastics and Dance
  • Net and Wall Games
  • Striking and fielding
  • Invasion Games
  • Athletic Activities