Frome Vale Academy Council

Like a Governing Body, the Academy Council’s role is to ensure your children learn in a safe environment and to the maximum of their ability.  The Frome Vale  Academy council typically meets once a term.  There is a standard agenda for each meeting which includes reviewing data on quality of teaching and learning, progress, school budget, attendance, behaviour and safety.  We have also helped to feedback on numerous policies and procedures.

Through ‘Learning walks’ we have been able to see firsthand what happens during the school day and see the children’s learning in action.  Each learning walk is focused on a specific area (eg. Mathematics, reading) and it really helps to bring alive what is actually going on during the day, rather than just reviewing reports and statistics.

The CLF  provides a training programme which has helped in developing a better understanding of our roles on the academy council, what we should expect to understand and how we should be supporting/challenging the Leadership team.

Our Academy Council Members are:

Brigid Allen – Chair

Noelle Rumball (SEND and Vice Chair)

Martyn Poole (Health and Safety)

Sue Blackwell- Parent

Laura Walder – Parent

Brian Atkins

Lucy Hudd- Local Authority (Safeguarding)

Jane Price – Staff Council Member

Lynn Pennington – Pupil Voice Representative

Mandy Milsom – Executive Principal

Dr Saunders –  Principal


The meetings for 2016/2017 are: 20/9/16,  | 6/12/16 | 24/1/17 | 25/4/17 | 13/6/17 | 18/7/16

If you like to find out more, please email